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5 Self-Care Essentials to Add to Your Summer Checklist

5 Self-Care Essentials to Add to Your Summer Checklist - Tub Therapy

Summer is officially here! That means bluer skies, longer days, little sand and more vitamin D. With the prospect of getting on the trails for some overland adventures, it’s easy to be wrapped up in making the most of your summer. We forget to look after ourselves in the process, not to mention spending time outdoors can wreak a little havoc on your skin and body. 

To help you unwind after excursions under the summer sun, we’ve put together a list of Tub Therapy products that you can add to your summer essentials checklist and keep up with your self-care routine through the summer months. 


Pina Colada Bath Bomb

If there is one cocktail that can remind you of pristine white beaches in Puerto Rico, it would be the Piña Colada. Bring the tropics to your own bathtub with this natural bath bomb inspired by our favorite summer cocktail drink that has the ability to pluck you from the daily stressors and drop you into your favorite tropical island, thanks to a medley of sweet coconut, pineapple juice and white rum aroma. 

We just love playful scents that bring to life our favorite things, treats and destinations and this bath bomb reminds us of our summer exploits. Not only does it smell summer-y good, but it’s made with natural ingredients that are built-in with a multitude of soothing and skin-healing properties inherent to nature. 


Sex on the Beach CBD Bath Bomb

Conjure thoughts of Florida’s best beaches with this playful rendition of TGIF’s cult classic cocktail drink. While you sink in the tub, this bath bomb works by painting your bathwater with an orangey-pink ombre and releasing a zesty aroma of ripened peaches, fresh squeezed orange juice, spiced cranberries and vodka. 

Not only is this bath bomb pleasing to the senses, but it’s infused with CBD, a skin superfood extracted from the hemp plant that has the ability to rapidly penetrate into your skin throughout the entire body. Studies suggest that heat speeds up the process of absorbing CBD into the epidermis through the pores to work with the cannabinoid receptors in the skin, which means you’re more likely to feel CBD’s benefits immediately in a more widespread effect. So while you decompress in the tub, know that your Tub Therapy Sex on the Beach CBD bath bomb is working to get the job done faster than any other bath additives. 


Cherry Blossom CBD Bath Soap

Showering is everyone’s daily must-do and all the more during the hot weather. Summer usually means sticky humidity, unbearable heat, and a lot of sweat and grime. Although body wash and shower gels are just as effective as bath soaps in ridding your skin of any dirt, oil, and bacteria, it’s not made the same. Many mass-produced cleansers are made with synthetic detergents that leave skin feeling dry and itchy but natural soaps don’t contain any of this scary stuff. 

To smell and feel as good as new after a sweaty mess but without stripping off your skin’s natural oils, we recommend sudsing up with a natural CBD bath soap to gently nourish even the most sensitive of skins. 

Our best bet? The newly minted Cherry Blossom CBD Bath Soap! Featuring a graceful blend of Sakura petals and a medley of fresh berries, this soap may be an ode to springtime but is perfect to use throughout the year. Its luxurious, creamy lather nourishes, moisturizes and improves dry and irritated skin conditions the most natural way. And because it’s infused with CBD, expect this soap to do more wonders for your skin like helping alleviate wrinkles, acne, dryness, rashes, redness and other skin issues brought by prolonged exposure to the sun.


Fruit Cocktail CBD Bath Bomb

Summer brings a bounty of fresh fruits and this fruit cocktail-inspired CBD bath bomb will have you enjoy summer’s sweetest stars in the tub. This delightful little ball of goodness comes in a tantalizing summer accord of peach, pomegranate, pineapple, cherry, orange and other delicious fruits that will turn your plain bathwater into a sun-tinged oasis. 

Made with 100mg of full spectrum CBD oil, it’s perfect for easing tension and restoring balance after a long summer day. Simply drop one into your bathtub and enjoy the fizzy funfetti explosion of aroma and moisturizing oils! Not only will you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, but you’ll also get the benefits of CBD without the angst of getting high.


After Tub Rub Night Lotion

It’s easy to believe that only harsh winters can dehydrate the skin but even summer days are capable of making your skin look dry and scaly. The heat causes sweating which results in loss of moisture from your skin while spending time outdoors for a prolonged period can sap the skin of essential hydration, leading to issues like ashy patches, dull skin, patchy skin and tightness. The solution? A trust-worthy night lotion that provides your skin with the necessary moisture it needs to stay hydrated and repair the skin from the day’s damage while you sleep.

To keep skin nourished for long hours, slather on a dollop of our After Tub Rub CBD Night Lotion right after bath time and before bedtime. It’s made with CBD Oil and Organic Shea Butter, two powerful ingredients that provide exceptional hydration and deep moisturization. 

And because exposure to the sun can also cause stinging and irritation, treating your skin to a CBD lotion will calm down the effects of prickly heat, thanks to its potent anti-inflammatory properties. 

Keeping Up With Your Summer Self-Care Game

While summer may mean adventure to most of us, summer also signifies freedom. For most moms, it’s the only time you have to yourself as school ends, early alarm clocks are shut off and you can finally take some time for yourself on your own terms.  

If your summer is a time to unwind and relax, check out the Daily Mom’s 25 Summer Selfcare Exceptional Essentials You Must Include In 2022 for a list of their favorite self-care essentials for the summer months - including Tub Therapy!

And whether your summer involves sweeping desert vistas, packing up and heading across the country, speedboats, hiking, sun and sand or just lounging around for much-needed alone time, our bath and body treats will get you wanting to keep up with your self-care routine and finding the good feelings amidst the spiking temperatures. 

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