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10 CBD Essentials To Stock Up For The Cooling-Off Season

10 CBD Essentials To Stock Up For The Cooling-Off Season - Tub Therapy

Fall is the season for warm baths, sweatshirts, candles, bonfires and slower days. When leaves are beginning to change colors and pumpkin patches are springing up along the sides of the roads, it's the perfect reminder to start slowing down. 

The changes in the air during the cooling-off season is what CBD is to us - it feels mysterious but reassuring! So to get yourself ready for the official start of fall and help you enjoy the relaxing season, here’s a list of some CBD staples to add to your shopping cart.


1. CBD Bath Bombs

When the days start to get shorter and temperature drops from warm to cool as soon as the sun sets, it's time to treat yourself to some little time-outs. This means, warm bath season is in full swing! Taking a warm bath feels just right in the fall. Feeling the warm water around you as you flick on the pages of a good book - is a joy in itself!

To prepare for the official start of bath season, the first thing to stock up in your list should be…you guessed it, CBD bath bombs! This ball of bliss can seem like just the thing you need to make your bathing experience something more than just a monotonous event. 

While you loosen up in the tub, a CBD bath bomb works by soothing mild physical discomfort and aiding your skin with skin-healing properties. Thanks to this supreme soother, you can literally sink your pains and skin woes away. 


2. CBD Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Roll On

Stiffness, aches and pains are often associated with changes in weather, especially the falling temperatures of fall and winter. There are several reasons why the cooler weather may cause joints to feel achy. The cold naturally makes muscles feel more tensed up and tight and this leads to less mobility and flexibility in the joints. Some studies also link changes in joints to changes in the barometric pressure, dry air, and other cold weather-related issues.

To combat joint pain and help you feel better when blustery temperatures settle in, stock up on CBD muscle and joint pain relief for treating targeted areas of pain and stiffness. CBD is becoming increasingly popular as a natural remedy for various health conditions including pain relief and has been shown to work as  anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and analgesic agent. 


3. CBD Headache and Sinus Relief Roll On

The fall season is infamous for the flu and cold. If you’re like most people, you’re likely to get sick when the weather changes from summer to fall or from winter to spring. Although cold symptoms are usually milder than the symptoms of flu, typical symptoms of both include muscle or body aches, runny or stuffy nose, and headaches. 

To help alleviate these nasty symptoms, stock up on a CBD headache and sinus relief roll on to give you natural, quick relief from headaches, sinus pain and discomfort. A quick swipe of the CBD roll on to your temples, behind ears, back of neck or gently breathing in through the nose delivers soothing comfort, thanks to CBD combined with beneficial essential oils that work together to bring powerful and fast-acting relief. 


4. CBD Gummies

As the seasons transition from summer to fall and from fall to winter, our days get shorter and we see less sunlight. Because sunlight  impacts our serotonin levels, decrease in sunlight exposure can decrease levels of serotonin which can cause a sudden drop in mood or even trigger symptoms of depression. 

To help combat autumn anxiety and winter blues, it’s highly recommended to get your daily dose of CBD. In studies, CBD has shown to potentially alter serotonin levels in the brain and is known to stabilize mood and alleviate anxiety. CBD is also known as a natural alternative in the world of sleep aids, helping you improve sleep and manage insomnia which is a common symptom of anxiety or depression. 

For a more convenient and tastier way to take CBD, stock up on CBD-infused chews like CBD gummies. CBD gummies are sweet edible candies that contain CBD and come in a rainbow of flavors, colors and shapes.


5. CBD Lotions

As the air cools in the fall, it’s a great time to reevaluate our skin care routine and take the necessary precautions. Because when temperature falls, our skin loses its ability to retain moisture which can result in tight, dry and cracked skin. 

It’s highly recommended to lock in your skin’s moisture and maintain your skin’s hydration levels with a good lotion. For an extra boost of skincare, stock up on CBD lotion to help reduce skin inflammation, prevent acne, protect against free radicals and augment the skin’s healing process. 


6. CBD Lip Balms

And just as we moisturize our face and body, moisturizing our lips can protect our chops from wind and dry air with chilly days on the horizon. Chapped lips feel inevitable during the colder months so it’s always a great idea to keep a lip balm handy. 

Our pick? CBD lip balms! With strong anti-inflammatory properties, CBD lip balms can effectively help soothe and heal chapped lips. Most CBD lips balms also combine other soothing ingredients that benefit chapped lips.


7. CBD Candles

Fill your home with the warm scents of fall by lighting up a fall scented candle. The soft flickering and warm fragrance of scented candles represent comfort in the long, dark nights. Not only will it provide aromatherapy, but lighting a candle can create an atmosphere of calm in your home. 

CBD-infused candles provide other benefits like stress-relief and mood enhancement that trigger a deep sense of serenity and promote better sleep. Brighten up your space with this ideal home accessory and enjoy CBD in the most unique way.  


8. CBD Coffee

Fall is coffee season! When the nights extend a little longer, coffee is an arsenal you need to keep you awake in a good way and helps you stay alert and focused. From pumpkin spice to caramel apple, there’s a fall brew for you to spice up your day and bring that autumn essence right into your cup. 

Even better, treat yourself to CBD coffee for a calming energy boost. Not only does it give you energy, but CBD coffee can lessen the effects of anxiety without the jitters, allowing you to experience serenity even before you get down to business. 


9. CBD Bath Soap

Shorter days and those pesky early sunsets may work against the body clock. Decreased sunlight exposure leads to daytime sleepiness and one way to fight sluggishness is to introduce warm showers in the evening just before bedtime. 

If you have trouble getting to sleep, try taking a warm shower before you turn in for the night. Other than  the relaxation benefits, you can trick your body into sleep mode by taking advantage of the way temperature affects circadian rhythms, your in-built 24 hour clock. And to make shower time even more relaxing, suds up with a CBD soap for next-level clean! 

CBD soaps contain a host of skin benefits that have been proven to repair the skin and prevent it from further damages. Treating your skin with a skin superfood like CBD can be that cherry on top to warm evening showers. Knowing that your skin receives the best TLC while reveling in the sleep-inducing benefits of a warm shower, just makes it even more therapeutic than it already is. 


10. CBD Transdermal Patches

The cool, crisp air and beautiful fall foliage makes autumn a wonderful time to head outdoors. From apple picking to trail hiking or just cuddling up around a roaring campfire in a cabin, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy fall outdoors. 

To help you achieve a pain-free fall frolic, keep a CBD transdermal patch handy which is a better option than a cream or lotion if you can’t reapply every so often. Working similarly to nicotine patches, the transdermal method allows CBD to make it through the skin’s barriers and into the bloodstream, making it an efficient way to relieve chronic pain. Unlike topical creams or gels, CBD patches stay on the skin for a longer period of time and thus provide a steady stream of relief for symptoms.

Anything else to add to the list?

What makes CBD so attractive is how malleable it is in a way that it can be experienced in many different forms so chances are, other CBD products will make it to your fall essentials list somehow. Some of the products that made it to our list of honorable mention are CBD chocolates, CBD cocktail bitters and CBD tinctures. 

To help narrow down your search as you embrace the new season, visit Tub Therapy for American hemp-derived CBD bath and skin treats that will help you unwind and enjoy the autumn moments.


Medical Disclaimer: It’s important to note that CBD has not yet been proven to reverse any health conditions and should not be used as medicinal diagnosis or treatment. The content of this post is for informational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your doctor for questions.