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5 Ways To Shower Smarter

5 Ways To Shower Smarter - Tub Therapy

Showering seems like a simple and straightforward part of your wellness routine that takes only a few minutes each day. Because really, all you have to do is rinse, suds up and rinse again. However, skin care starts in the shower (not to mention one of the only moments we carve out each day for a little me-time) so these few minutes can have a big impact on your overall well-being. 

In order to make better use of the few minutes in the shower and reap all the potential skin boosting benefits of showering (in less time), establishing these five solid, consistent shower routines that go beyond the usual sudsing up is key. 


Five Ways To Shower Smarter

1. Make it quick

As luxurious as it may feel to treat yourself to a long shower after a tiring and stressful day, you’ll want to save long showers for rare occasions. Spending a lot of time in the shower can be harmful by robbing your skin of essential lipids and proteins, as well as making it more inflamed. The longer you spend there, the more you risk stripping your skin of those necessary oils so it’s always best to stick to short showers or no more than 5-10 minutes per go. 

Tip: Don’t overdo it on shampoo and conditioner. Only use shampoo on the right spots. Focus on your scalp, roots and the nape of your neck where dirt and oil usually collect. Using too much shampoo on the ends of your hair can be damaging as they’re prone to dryness and brittleness. When using conditioner, don’t let it sit for too long. Most of the benefits of a conditioner come from coating the surface of your hair so you can rinse soon after application. 


2. Get the water temperature just right

Scalding water lovers, we’ve got bad news. While showering with hot water feels oh-so-good, it can strip the skin of its natural oils. Lukewarm water is always recommended and the ideal water temperature is between 35 and 37 degrees Celsius. However, if you really need a steaming hot shower fix (we do!), we suggest spending 3 minutes or less then turning it down to lukewarm or not hot enough to make your skin red. 

Tip: To know when the water is too hot, watch your skin for flushing or redness. 


3. Pick natural bath  products

Did you know that our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on? Only soak up the good vibes by using products that contain natural ingredients and avoiding commercial skin care products with synthetic chemicals that can be toxic and harmful to your skin. According to the Food and Drug Administration, there are very few “true soaps” (made with a combination of fats or oils and an alkali, such as lye) on the market today, as most body cleansers — both liquid and bar forms — are synthetic detergents that use damaging preservatives. 

For a safe and healthy cleansing routine, we recommend using cold-processed soaps which are made without any added detergents. This process allows soap makers complete control over the ingredients that go into making the soaps which means adding more skin-loving ingredients into the mix is possible, yielding a bar of soap that’s truly beneficial to the skin.

Since the cold process involves curing without the use of external heat, it also preserves the quality of the ingredients. Plus, cold-processed soaps last longer than any other soaps. A typical 4 ox bar will last twice as long as commercial soaps, giving you great value to compensate for the heftier price tag. And just like wine, cold-processed soaps get better with age!  

Tip: Level-up with a cold-processed CBD soap. As a natural plant emollient itself, CBD functions to lock up moisture, repair dryness, combat acne, and help treat skin inflammation. CBD is also known for working synergistically with other beneficial ingredients so when mixed with other natural emollients, it can help other ingredients perform better. Since natural soaps contain other skin-friendly ingredients, expect your CBD soap to do even more wonders for your skin.


4. Apply lotion immediately

A common mistake that most people make when applying lotion is slathering it on dry skin. For the best results, apply your lotion within 3 minutes of patting your skin dry from the shower. Slathering on lotion while your skin is still damp is the perfect time to apply lotion and get the most of the formula.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, applying moisturizer after a bath is absolutely key because it helps the lotion do its job by helping your skin absorb more healthy liquid and provides an artificial barrier that can help prevent water loss, keep out agents of bacteria, viruses, and irritants that we don't want to get into the skin. 

Tip: Smooth on a generous layer of ultra-hydrating moisturizer like our After Shower Power as soon as you get out of the shower to keep skin soft and hydrated. Pay special attention to parts of the body that are typically drier like your hands, neck, knees, elbows and bottom of your feet. 


5. Enjoy a relaxing bath once a week

Having a weekly bath is a great way to sink a week’s worth of stress. A warm bath induces feelings of peace and easiness, the kind of security that allows your mind and body to relax. If you’re feeling anxious, a warm bath can help release endorphins and regulate your mood by activating your parasympathetic nervous system, the part responsible for inducing relaxation. Studies have shown that your body will begin to experience lower levels of stress as your nervous system adjusts to the warming effect of the water. 

Being immersed in warm water past your chest, can also help you breathe easier as it improves your oxygen intake and the steam can clear your sinuses. Bathing is also beneficial to those who suffer from multiple sclerosis as the temperature and pressure of the water gently relieve the spine of pain and discomfort. 

To take bath time to the next level, drop a bath bomb in your tub to reap the aromatherapy and moisturizing benefits as well as providing natural relief from ugly skin symptoms. 

Tip: For an added boost to bath time, Tub Therapy CBD bath bombs are soothing suds that deliver powerful skin care effectively and expeditiously. These balls of goodness are made with premium CBD derived from 100% American hemp and locally sourced plant-based emollients. We’ve also sprinkled our products with Pthalathe-free scents that evoke special memories, travels, people and all other favorite things (wine, anyone?) for the perfect pick-me-up treats that promote calm, relaxation and a not-so-trippy trip to memory lane in the tub. 


Our verdict? 

Showering doesn’t just help you feel nice and fresh — it’s the first step to skin health! Not to mention, it’s one of the only times you take a break out of your daily life for a little self-care. Whether you prefer to shower in the morning or at night, maintaining a healthy shower routine and using natural products in the process, preserves the integrity of the skin barrier which is crucial to having softer, healthier skin. Knowing that your skin receives the best TLC during a few minutes of downtime makes us feel our best everyday.