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Best CBD Bath Bombs and Skincare in the Southeast USA

Best CBD Bath Bombs and Skincare in the Southeast USA

We're thrilled to announce that Tub Therapy has been honored with its very first industry award. Cue the fireworks! 

At the prestigious Commercial Cannabis Awards 2023, Tub Therapy secured the title of the "Best CBD Bath Bomb and Skincare Company in the Southeast USA", hosted by the prestigious Global Health & Pharma.

Global Health & Pharma is dedicated to keeping consumers abreast of the cutting-edge innovations and breakthroughs shaping the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

This recognition marks a significant milestone for our pandemic-born brand, affirming our commitment to redefining the CBD experience and making waves in the soaking industry. You can read more about the news in this article

How Tub Therapy LLC Was Chosen

To determine the results, Global Health & Pharma's judging panel and research team consider the commitment, expertise, and innovation shown by nominees through nomination information, voting details, and any supporting evidence provided, along with the results from their extensive period of fact-checking and research.

Global Health & Pharma's merit-driven approach has garnered them widespread success and acclaim, firmly reinforcing their belief that winners are not solely determined by the volume of votes but rather by the substance of the brand’s contributions to the Cannabis industry. 


The Tub Therapy Mission

Born out of the challenges of the pandemic, Tub Therapy emerged as a beacon of relaxation and rejuvenation in troubled times. Our brand ethos is simple yet profound: to shift the CBD experience from merely medicinal to a truly delightful journey, seamlessly integrating into your daily life and infusing it with joy.

We understand that many of our customers, like us, are newcomers to the world of CBD. That's why transparency, quality, and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. Picture us as that new friend you've heard mixed things about, but upon getting to know us, you realize we're the opposite of what you expected. We're non-intimidating, welcoming, and here to make your self-care routine a whole lot more enjoyable.

While CBD plays a complementary role in our brand, we're equally passionate about every detail, from the size of our bath bombs to the efficacy of our lotions. From rigorous testing to sourcing CBD from reputable suppliers in the United States, we ensure that every Tub Therapy product meets the highest standards of excellence. 


It’s in the little things

Our product lineup, ranging from bath bombs and soaps to lotions and muscle rubs, reflects our dedication to curating an experience that seamlessly integrates into your everyday routine. But we're not just about products; we're about spreading joy. We trigger the feelings of joy where it is least expected. 

We champion bath time as a cherished form of self-care, along with showers and skin-pampering—activities that may seem mundane on the surface but, with the infusion of CBD, transform into sources of pure delight. It's in these seemingly ordinary moments that we find true magic, and our mission is to sprinkle joy far beyond the confines of the bathroom.


Time-Tested Joy, Modern Wellness

But our aim isn't just to evoke any kind of joy – we're here to ignite the kind of high that transports us back to cherished moments of the past. We celebrate the power of simple, timeless pleasures such as bathing, which have been cherished across generations.

Infusing our products with nostalgic scents and naming them after personal favorites, like 'The Wingwoman' which was named after our childhood bestie, allows us to evoke fond memories and bring forth a sense of joy reminiscent of simpler times.

At the same time, our commitment to modern wellness is evident in our incorporation of CBD into our products. Recognizing the growing popularity of CBD for its potential health benefits, we harness its properties to enhance the effectiveness of our bath bombs and skincare. By blending CBD with other natural ingredients, we offer contemporary solutions for relaxation, rejuvenation, and overall well-being. 

At Tub Therapy, we seamlessly combine traditional comforts with cutting-edge wellness practices, providing customers with an experience that is both comforting and forward-thinking.


The Future of Tub Therapy

Looking ahead to 2024, we're excited to expand our product offerings even further, with potential launches that may include CBD bath salts and CBD gummies. And while we may explore CBD ingestible like gummies in the future, we're taking things one step at a time, knowing that all good things take time to flourish. Our mission remains steadfast: to integrate the joy of CBD into daily routines and elevate the self-care experience for all.

If you haven't yet experienced the bliss of our award-winning CBD bath bombs, now's the perfect time to indulge in a little tub therapy. As a special treat, use the code BESTCBDBATHBOMB to enjoy the promo Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off

Trust us, you won't want to miss out on our personal favorites: the Oatmeal & Shea and the Lemon Jasmine Mimosa.

And if bath bombs aren't your thing, we've got a delightful array of CBD soaps, lotions, and relief products that are sure to add a touch of bliss to your everyday routine. Whether you're lathering up with our soothing CBD-infused soaps or indulging in the nourishing goodness of our CBD lotions, there's something for everyone at Tub Therapy. Treat yourself today and experience the joy of CBD-infused self-care. 

As we bask in the glow of our first industry award, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal customers, whose support and feedback continue to inspire us on this incredible journey. 

Here's to soaking up success with Tub Therapy, one blissful bath at a time.

 Got feedback or suggestions? We'd love to hear from you! Shoot us an email at Your input helps us continue to elevate your self-care experience.