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Can You Use Bath Bombs in a Hot Tub?

Tub Therapy | Can You Use Bath Bombs in a Hot Tub?

We're all familiar with the transformative power of a bath bomb—it turns an ordinary bath into a sensory oasis with its alluring fragrance, fizzy spectacle, and skin-nourishing properties. For those of us passionate about baths, a bath bomb is a must-have in our tub-time arsenal. And for enthusiasts reveling in both indoor and outdoor bathing experiences, the lingering question often arises: can this orb of bliss also grace our hot tubs with its charm?


What’s the difference between a hot tub and a bathtub?

The difference between a hot tub and a bathtub is rooted in their design, purpose, and functionality. Bathtubs, familiar fixtures in homes, cater to individual bathing needs. Usually stationary and indoors, they primarily serve personal hygiene while offering a space for relaxation. People often enhance their bath experience by incorporating bath bombs, adding an element of enjoyment and soothing sensations to their soak.

On the other hand, a hot tub, also known as a whirlpool, is a standalone, often portable unit designed for communal soaking and relaxation. It's equipped with jets that propel water for therapeutic massages, usually kept at higher temperatures than a typical bathtub. Hot tubs are more commonly found outdoors and are intended for socializing or therapeutic purposes, providing a communal and immersive hydrotherapy experience. 


Can you use bath bombs in a hot tub?

Bath bombs are celebrated for their fizzy allure, captivating aromas, and skin-loving emollients that transform an ordinary bath into a sensorial delight. When a bath bomb is dropped into water, it swiftly dissolves and disperses, leading some to believe it might be suitable for use in a hot tub.

However, hot tubs operate on a different level. Their intricate systems meticulously maintain water quality and cleanliness, a delicate balance that bath bombs, with their oils and colors, could potentially disturb. Here's why it's not recommended to use bath bombs in hot tubs:


1. They clog jets

Bath bombs made with glitters, petals,  gemstones and other elaborate additives have the unfortunate tendency to clog the jets and drainage systems of a hot tub, potentially causing damage.


2. They block the drainage

Some bath bombs also contain emollients and essential oils that, although beneficial for skin, aren’t suited for jetted tubs. The oils in bath bombs tend to leave a residue on the water's surface, which, upon drainage, can infiltrate the inner workings of the system. Over time, this accumulation could lead to jet system issues, such as blockages or reduced power.


3. They can stain 

Moreover, dyes or colorants present in bath bombs might stain the white surface of hot tubs, making them less appealing. 

Unlike a regular bathtub which is most likely made from porcelain-enameled steel, fiberglass, or cast iron, hot tubs are often made from materials that can withstand outdoor conditions and the constant presence of water like vinyl, acrylic, or even rotomolded plastic. 

These modern materials ensure your hot tub withstands the test of time, providing a longer-lasting relaxation haven compared to the traditional wooden counterparts. However, the vibrant colors present in bath bombs can sometimes leave stubborn stains on these materials, compromising the aesthetics of the tub. It's one of the reasons why using bath bombs in hot tubs made from these materials is generally discouraged to avoid potential discoloration or staining.


Using Bath Bombs in Hot Tubs

If you're determined to bring your beloved bath bomb along for an outdoor soak, it's possible, but it may require compromising on the quality of the bath bomb experience. 

While using a bath bomb in a hot tub is feasible, it's crucial to opt for a more minimalistic variant. Luna Spas recommends choosing bath bombs with fewer ingredients and embellishments. If using a bath bomb in a hot tub is a must, opt for ones made solely from Epsom salt or sea salt, citric acid, and baking soda. 

However, it's essential to consider whether a less vibrant bath bomb is truly worth the compromise. After all, the allure of colors, moisturizing oils, and enchanting aromas is what makes bath bombs exceptional.

Our advice? Reserve the indulgence of bath bombs for your bathtub soaks, where they can truly shine. This way, you can make the most out of their delightful qualities without risking any harm to your hot tub. Sometimes, simplicity reigns supreme, and in this case, it’s best to skip the bath bomb and fully enjoy the serene experience of your hot tub.


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Alternatives to Bath Bombs for a Relaxing Hot Tub Soak

Instead of using bath bombs, several alternatives can replicate a similar experience in your hot tub without disrupting its balance. The hint? These are elements you've likely already incorporated into your relaxing bath routines at home.


  • Upgrade to a quality hot tub

Invest in a top-notch whirlpool bath with diverse settings, complemented by LED mood lighting and a potential Bluetooth sound system. These elements combine to craft an impeccable spa-like bathing experience.


  • Embrace Scented Candles

Create an aromatic escape by lighting scented candles around your hot tub area, enhancing the ambiance and relaxation quotient.


  • Sip and Savor

Elevate your hot tub indulgence by enjoying a glass of champagne or your favorite wine, adding a touch of luxury to your soak.


  • Hydrate Your Skin

Post-hot tub session, ensure your skin retains moisture by applying a lavish, hydrating lotion. This step helps maintain your skin's health after the indulgent soak.

The goal is to create a serene haven for relaxation without inviting maintenance challenges. Therefore, it might be best to reserve bath bombs for the realm where they reign supreme—the bathtub—and let your hot tub provide its serene sanctuary.


Our verdict?

The next time you indulge in a hot tub soak, consider foregoing the bath bomb and revel in the peace and calm of the bubbling waters. This guarantees a hassle-free experience, preserving the harmonious balance of your aquatic haven. Save the bath bomb indulgence for your indoor baths to truly savor this spherical delight to the fullest. Not only will your hot tub appreciate it, but reserving the bath bomb experience for your indoor baths ensures a more intimate and personal enjoyment for you.