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From Blah to BOMB: Drawing the Best Bath with CBD Bath Bombs

From Blah to BOMB: Drawing the Best Bath with CBD Bath Bombs - Tub Therapy

How to use bath bombs? Just add water. Toss it in. Watch it go. But what about the more expensive CBD bath bomb? 

Infused with the controversial chemical compound that has the potential to cure-all, don’t treat a CBD bath bomb like any other regular bath bombs. It’s far superior for a reason and requires the art of drawing the best bath to really make the most out of it. 

Whether you’re a bath bomb buff or noob, here’s a guide to using a CBD bath bomb and replicating an expensive spa visit to subdue your troubled mind and pains: 

Step 1: Think of it as going to a battle

You’ve been battling your inner demons that live between your own two ears - anxious thoughts of impending doom, lingering feelings of restlessness, and the accumulated stress. Warm baths are known to decrease stress hormones and regulate mood so when you recognize the need to retreat in a good long soak,  your main weapon of choice? A CBD bath bomb

Don’t underestimate what this small spherical piece of wonder can do when at war with your stress. But just like going to a battle, preparation is still the precursor to success. Nobody wins a war just by tossing a bomb aimlessly. Moods must be set. A Netflix show must be pre-selected. 

Step 2: Timing is key

Before you decide to draw a bath, ask yourself: is it the right time to engage the enemy? Is it a busy night? Are you expecting a visitor? Is the baby asleep? A quiet, peaceful night uninterrupted is always the best time to sink your worries away in the tub and secure yourself against defeat from unexpected distractions.

Step 3: Let’s gather your army

In the art of war, a true commander knows how to utilize her resources and when to make a decision. Once you’ve started the offense, the last thing you’ll want to do is hop out of the tub at the onset to grab a drink and realize you ran out of beer (gasp), breaking the mood. That’s just pure self-sabotage. 

To help you prepare for the best soak, we’ve put together a checklist of items so by the time you climb in, you can go right into relaxation mode.

  • Bath tub Caddy
    • A tray that holds your bath time essentials and keeps everything close by without fear of things falling in the water. The ideal bathtub caddy has enough compartments to hold your iPad or book, your candle, soap, shampoo, your phone and your glass of drink. 
  • Book or iPad
    • Are you team Kindle or team Netflix? Either way, prepare something to entertain yourself and transport your troubled mind to another world. 
  • Music 
    • If you’d rather enter a deep relaxation with your eyes closed, set the mood with ambient music or put on your favorite playlist. 
  • Beverage
    • Is it going to be hot cocoa, green tea, wine, or a homemade cocktail? Choosing your beverage is a tactical disposition. 
  • Essential Oils
    • While most bath bombs are packed with moisturizing oils, essential oils can be a great fragrance amplifier to help you sleep better. Just add 8-10 drops and let the scent fill your bathroom.
  • Scented Candle
    • Candles are a luxurious addition to a bath. Light it while your bath is running so the scent has filled the bathroom by the time you climb in.
  • Plush robe and slippers
    • For added drama.  

Step 3: Ready your barracks a.k.a the tub 

Before you start running the water with military precision, we’d suggest a quick tidy-up of your tub (and surrounding area too). Get rid of any clutter that may distract you such as floating hair or visible grime then start filling your tub with warm water to a comfortable bath temperature and until it reaches the perfect depth. 

Your water’s temperature will make or break the experience so make sure it’s not too hot nor too cool either. Generally, this will depend on your preference and comfort level but you want it somewhere between 90° F and 105°F.  

Step 3: Bombs away!  

Unwrap the bath bomb, drop it in the tub, and enjoy the explosive show of colors, moisturizing oils, and calming scent. As the CBD bath bomb soaks in water, it will begin to fizz and dissolve infusing your bath with its myriad of skin-healing ingredients. Dreamy isn’t it? 

Step 4: Under siege

Time to wage war against your stressors. Stress from a hectic week can take a toll on our well being and here is where a CBD bath bomb bath can subdue your enemies.  

Benefits of a CBD bath

Immerse your naked self - including your pain, worries, and doubts - in the natural goodness of a CBD bath bomb soak. Take 20-40 minutes of mindfulness to decompress. However long you want to spend, remember to allow yourself a few moments to just enjoy the peace and break free from overwhelming emotions. Whip that book, take a sip of your wine, and just give your mind a break. 

And while you loosen-up, the CBD bath bomb’s anti-inflammatory and healing properties are working to aid your skin and body. Research suggests that dissolving CBD into hot water expedites the process of CBD absorbing into the skin through the pores and because your entire body is exposed, this results in a more widespread effect. 

Expect potential beneficial effects on sore muscle tensions, minor body pain, and clearing your airways too, helping you relax triple fold. 

Step 5: Claim victory

Congratulations! You just came out of the tub feeling refreshed with glowing, healthy skin. Any mood boosting effects from using a CBD bath bomb are that of feelings of well-being in response to a luxe cleanse.

The war is far from over though. Always keep in mind that you’re worth so much more when you’re at full strength. You might want to achieve something so bad that you put all your energy into it, you work so hard, forget to sleep, and fill your mind with thoughts of defeat. 

Don’t burn out before you reach the end. Learn to pause and nurture your mind, body, and soul with small daily pleasures like a CBD bath bomb bath.