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The Best Bath Bombs That Don't Stain

The Best Bath Bombs That Don't Stain

Do you love basking in a rainbow-hued bath but dread the post-soak scrub? If bath bomb stains are dampening your joy, don't throw in the towel just yet! You don’t have to give up the vibrant, mesmerizing colors that make bath bombs so delightful. The best non-staining bath bombs are just within reach, ready to brighten your bath time and keep your tub spotless.

Why Do Some Bath Bombs Stain?

Bath bomb stains are primarily caused by the dyes and pigments used in their production. While these colorful additives create a visually appealing bath experience, they can sometimes adhere to the surface of the tub or the skin, especially if the pigments are not properly dispersed in the water.

Common Causes of Bath Bomb Staining:

  • Artificial Dyes: Many bath bombs contain artificial dyes that are prone to clinging to surfaces.
  • Oils: Essential oils and other moisturizing agents can sometimes act as carriers for pigments, making them stick to the tub or skin.
  • Lack of Dispersing Agents: Without adequate dispersing agents, the pigments and oils in bath bombs do not dissolve evenly, increasing the risk of staining.

If your tub is already showing signs of staining from previous bath bomb adventures, here's a handy guide on how to effectively restore it to its pristine state. With a few simple steps and some common household ingredients, you can bid farewell to those stubborn stains and enjoy a sparkling clean tub once again.

The Best Bath Bombs That Don’t Stain

When shopping for the perfect bath bombs that don’t stain, there's one magical ingredient you should keep an eye out for to ensure a stain-free soak: Polysorbate 80. This secret weapon ensures your post-bath bomb clean-up is kept to a minimum.

Chemical Composition and Properties

Polysorbate 80 is derived from sorbitol, a sugar alcohol, and oleic acid, a fatty acid commonly found in vegetable oils. The process of ethoxylation, which adds ethylene oxide to the molecule, enhances its ability to dissolve in water and blend with oils. This results in a substance that can stabilize oil and water mixtures, preventing them from separating over time.

Key Properties of Polysorbate 80:

  • Emulsifying Agent: It helps form stable emulsions, ensuring that the oil and water components in products like lotions and creams do not separate. In bath bombs, Polysorbate 80 helps to emulsify the oils, ensuring they disperse evenly throughout the water rather than floating on the surface or clinging to the tub.
  • Pigment Dispersion: By helping pigments and dyes dissolve more evenly in water, polysorbate 80 prevents them from clinging to the sides of the tub or the skin, thereby reducing the risk of stains.
  • Solubilizing Agent: Polysorbate 80 can help dissolve essential oils and other oil-soluble substances in water-based formulations, making it invaluable in cosmetics and bath products.
  • Surfactant: It reduces the surface tension between ingredients, which helps them spread more easily on the skin or other surfaces.
  • Fizz and Foam Stability: By stabilizing the ingredients, polysorbate 80 can help maintain the effervescent quality of bath bombs, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable fizzing action.
  • Skin Conditioning: It acts as a conditioning agent, leaving the skin feeling smooth and moisturized after a bath. This is especially beneficial in bath bombs containing CBD or other nourishing oils.
  • Mild and Non-Irritating: It is generally considered safe and non-irritating to the skin, making it suitable for use in products for sensitive skin.


Indulge without stains: Tub Therapy Soakshow CBD Bath Bombs transform your bathwater into a captivating display of color, but the polysorbate 80 prevents the pigments from staining the tub, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free bathing experience. Sold for $15 each with free shipping. 


Shop For Non-Staining Bath Bombs

Wine & Roses

Indulge in a romantic bath experience with Tub Therapy Soakshow CBD Bath Bomb in Wine & Roses. As it dissolves, it gracefully colors the water with a gentle red hue that gradually transforms into a deep pink, creating an ambiance of romance. The addition of real rose petals adds an extra touch of luxury, making every soak a truly enchanting experience.


Sweet Lavender

Transport yourself to a peaceful lavender field with the Tub Therapy Soakshow CBD Bath Bomb in Sweet Lavender. This delightful CBD bath bomb infuses your bathwater with a delicate purple hue, reminiscent of blooming lavender fields. Real lavender buds dotting the water release their soothing aroma, elevating your bath to a tranquil oasis of relaxation.


Hemp & Peppermint

Refresh your senses and invigorate your body with the Tub Therapy Soakshow CBD Bath Bomb in Hemp & Peppermint. Upon contact with water, it disperses a subtle green shade, evoking feelings of rejuvenation and vitality. Thanks to the magic of Polysorbate 80, the water remains anything but murky. 

Safety and Environmental Impact of Polysorbate 80

Polysorbate 80 is generally recognized as safe by regulatory bodies such as the FDA and is commonly used in food products, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. It is considered non-toxic and non-irritating, although some individuals with very sensitive skin may experience mild reactions.

In terms of environmental impact, polysorbate 80 is biodegradable, which makes it a more environmentally friendly choice compared to some synthetic alternatives. However, as with all ingredients, it is important to use it in appropriate amounts to minimize any potential negative effects on the environment.

Our verdict?

Choosing the right bath bomb can make a significant difference in your bathing experience. Keep your tub sparkling and your worries at bay by choosing bath bombs with polysorbate 80, an essential ingredient in the formulation of bath bombs, especially those designed to be non-staining. 

With its knack for turning oils into friends and ensuring pigments behave, polysorbate 80 guarantees a stain-free, technicolor soak. Plus, it's the backstage hero, keeping your skin silky, and your bath fizzy and foamy. Remember to check for this gem in the ingredients list for a worry-free and utterly delightful dip next time you grab a bath bomb!

CBD bath bombs, such as Tub Therapy Soakshow CBD Bath Bombs, not only offer the benefits of CBD but also ensure a clean, stain-free tub thanks to the inclusion of polysorbate 80.

So go ahead, indulge in a relaxing soak with confidence, knowing that your tub will remain pristine.