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The Ultimate Splash Bash: How To Throw The Best Hot Tub Party

The Ultimate Splash Bash: How To Throw The Best Hot Tub Party - Tub Therapy

What could be more exciting than a starry night, a warm bubbling oasis, jazzy tunes filling the air, and the clink of champagne glasses echoing through the night? 

Hot tub parties undoubtedly rank as the pinnacle of party experiences. Think about it, if you’re trying to convince someone to hit up a bash? Just say, "Psst, they've got a hot tub!" It's like the ultimate secret password of party persuasion! Hot tubs are like that cool friend who can effortlessly juggle both "me time" and "we time". So, whether you're in the mood for solo serenity or a splashy soirée with pals and fam, the hot tub's got you covered.

So, got a hot tub party in the works? Well, hold onto your rubber ducks, because we've got a treasure trove of tips to help you create a splash bash that's truly unforgettable! We're talking about the stuff that'll make sure your hot tub hullabaloo is a soaring success, not a soggy mess.

Pointers for Hosting the Ultimate Hot Tub Bash

1. Keep your guest list snug

Not snug like a pair of too-tight jeans, but snug enough that you're not cramming folks into the tub like sardines. And let's be real, nobody wants a hot tub party where people are tapping their fingers, waiting for their turn to soak. We're here for the bubbly relaxation, not a queue, right?

An intimate gathering is like the secret ingredient to a recipe for the chillest vibes. Less chaos, more connection – that's the name of the game. So, when you're jotting down your invites, remember, it's not just about who you're inviting, it's about ensuring everyone has room to stretch out, both physically and mentally. 

2. Select the Perfect Venue

Whether it's your backyard, a rooftop terrace, or a rental cabin, the venue sets the stage. Make sure the hot tub is clean, well-maintained, and properly heated before your guests arrive.

3. Mood Lighting

Hang string lights, light up candles, or even add waterproof LED lights to your hot tub for an enchanting glow.

4. Getting the vibe just right with music

Prepare a playlist in advance or scout for a perfect one on Spotify. When it comes to curating your musical lineup, the music should be mellow enough to let conversations flow but lively enough to keep spirits high like lounge music or soft house.

5. Create a snug indoor nook stocked up with all the essentials

Think fluffy towels, trusty rubber flip flops, and oh-so-comfy robes. Remember, some of your pals might get caught up in the excitement and forget to pack these must-haves. Setting up this cozy corner not only adds a touch of pampering, but it's also the ultimate convenience hack, ensuring your guests can soak in the good times without a worry in the world.

6. Boozy Choices

Elevate the evening by offering a selection of champagne, from crisp brut to sweet rosé. Set up a mini cocktail bar with assorted flutes and garnishes like berries, citrus slices, and mint leaves. You can even create a signature champagne cocktail for the night, perhaps a "Bubbly Bliss" concoction that combines champagne, elderflower liqueur, and a splash of fresh citrus.

7. Delectable Bites

Set up a grazing table near the hot tub with finger foods that pair perfectly with champagne – think artisan cheeses, charcuterie, fruit skewers, and delicate canapés.

8. CBD Surprise

For an extra dose of delight, consider adding a fragrant CBD bath bomb to the mix. Not only will it enhance the experience, but it also brings additional benefits to your guests. 

CBD-infused bath bombs contain cannabidiol, a compound derived from the cannabis plant. However, unlike its cousin THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, which means it won't induce a "high." Instead, it offers a range of potential benefits, including relaxation, stress relief, and soothing muscle tension. When dissolved in the warm water of the hot tub, the CBD can be absorbed through the skin, promoting a sense of tranquility and aiding in the relaxation process.

As your guests soak in the luxurious waters of the hot tub, the CBD bath bomb can contribute to their overall well-being, making the hot tub party not just a delightful social gathering, but also a revitalizing and wellness-enhancing experience. Just remember, while CBD bath bombs can be a wonderful addition, it's always a good idea to inform your guests about their use, especially if they're new to CBD products.

But wait, can you use bath bombs in a hot tub? 

Bath bombs won't ruin your hot tub. But without taking precautions and proper cleaning, they can clog drains and cause plumbing issues. 
You can totally throw bath bombs into your hot tub for some extra pizzazz, but there's a catch – you gotta be a bit careful. If you want to sidestep shelling out big bucks for repairs or even a whole new hot tub, here's the scoop: grab yourself a fabric bag or a nylon stocking. When you're about to toss that bath bomb in, wrap it up in the fabric first. Especially if the bomb is loaded with stuff like confetti or glitter – we're talking party in a bath bomb, right?
This nifty trick does two things. First off, it's like a bouncer for particles – it traps all those tiny bits, making sure they don't sneak into the water and clog up your tub's jets and pipes. But wait, here's the best part: this move doesn't mess with the bath bomb's fizz game. You'll still get those fizzy vibes while keeping things clean.
So, next time you're planning a soak session, just remember this little hack. Your hot tub will thank you, and you can splash and soak without a worry.


9. Non-Soak Fun

Have other activities for guests when they're not soaking in the tub. Set up a corner with board games for some friendly competition, or create a self-serve mini manicure parlor where they can add a touch of glamour to the evening. Or, set up a dessert station where your guests can unleash their creativity, customizing their soft-serve ice cream with a medley of toppings. A little sugar rush never hurt anyone!

10. Personalized Favors

Send your guests home with personalized party favors, such as small bottles of champagne, scented candles, or CBD bath bombs. Our pick? Tub Therapy's Lemon Jasmine Mimosa CBD Bath Bomb transports you to carefree brunches with your besties, making it an ideal indulgence for bachelorette parties or any celebration. With its invigorating scent and soothing CBD infusion, it promises a luxurious bathing experience that evokes laughter-filled afternoons and cherished memories.

Tub Therapy Soakshow CBD Bath Bomb in Lemon Jasmine Mimosa

Post-party champagne glory: Tub Therapy Soakshow CBD Bath Bomb in Lemon Jasmine Mimosa, $15 each with free shipping

A Splashin' Success Awaits!

So, there you have it – your hot tub party game plan that's brimming with delight, relaxation, and connection. Now, all that's left to do is send out those invites, roll out the towels, and get ready for a splashing success that will leave your guests reminiscing for years to come. Cheers to good friends, great vibes, and the bubbling bliss of a hot tub extravaganza!