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5 Reasons Why Bath Bombs Are Delightfully Fun

5 Reasons Why Bath Bombs Are Delightfully Fun - Tub Therapy

Bath bombs are an explosion of fun that provides a multi-sensory experience in the tub which they are renowned for. 

If you haven’t tried these bath drops and wonder why you keep getting them for Christmas (or birthday, Valentine’s — name it!), scroll down below to read some of the reasons why people turn bath bomb crazy:

1. The scents take you away

Bath bombs are made with essential oils and fragrance oils that make them smell so heavenly. Many people enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of a bath bomb soak but aside from helping you sleep better or boost feelings of relaxation, fragrance plays another important role. 

We all know that different scents evoke different feelings -  there’s a scent for every mood or purpose. The fact is, fragrance has the power to stir vivid memories and emotions, transporting us to another time and place or across all the years we have lived. Because bath bombs come in many scents, it’s fun to try something different every week depending on your mood and where you want to be transported. 

At Tub Therapy, we love playful and unique-smelling bath bombs that bring to life our favorite get-togethers and adventures. The whiff of a wine-scented bath bomb for instance, can trigger nostalgic sips in the Hunter Valley with our best gals while a root beer-scented bath bomb can bring back a flood of fond memories of our childhood, making us feel warm and fuzzy inside. 

2. They put on a magical effervescent show 

Bath bombs give out the iconic powerful fizz that makes it so popular among kids and adults alike. When a bath bomb breaks in water, it explodes into a colorful swirling, twirling and fizzing motion that can be very fascinating to watch. 

Baking soda and citric acid are the two main ingredients responsible for the impressive and delightful fizz. When these are mixed together and enter the water, this causes a chemical reaction that produces the carbon dioxide bubbles. 

The bubbling action then slowly releases the scents, colors, moisturizing oils and additives like glitters and petals into the water, enhancing the visual delight further! The pleasure of seeing an ordinary bathwater transform into a psychedelic art makes a mesmerizing me-time experience. 

3. Bath bombs are the rainbow to someone’s cloud

Bath bombs come in a bevy of delightful shades to literally add color to your (bath) life. They magically transform your plain bathwater into a bright blue-tinged lagoon or in the case of multi-colored bath bombs, a swirling kaleidoscope of colors which makes for a highly entertaining soak. 

A pumpkin pie-scented bath bomb is just not 100% fun without transforming your bath water into an orange hue so to create the perfect atmosphere, most bath bombs will likely be made with natural or synthetic dye, the colored substance that chemically bonds to the substrate to which it is being applied.

Typically, bath bombs are made with FD&C colorant which means they have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in food, drugs and cosmetics so it is safe on most skin types. But keep in mind that the dye may stain your tub so always make sure to clean the tub after a bath bomb bath with a mix of dish detergent and water. Whilst cleaning is never fun, you’d thank yourself on your next relaxing colorful cleanse.

4. Element of surprise

Bath bombs were first invented by Lush Cosmetics co-founder Mo Constantine in 1989 but after their patent expired in 2009, this allowed other manufacturers to add their own creative spin on bath bomb making. Today, the market is chock full of “surprise bath bombs” or bath bombs that contain a hidden gift inside. When the bath bomb melts in water, it reveals a mystery item that’s been concealed within.

Hiding odds and ends inside the ball is a fun bonus to a relaxing bath. Surprise toys are popular among the kids but ring bath bombs became an instant hit among adults because who doesn’t want a relaxing bath to end with some bling? 

Another equal favorite are the crystal bath bombs with a hidden gemstome or cystal inside. Not only will you be coming out of the water with soft, moisturized skin but it will leave your chakra super boosted. 

Message bath bombs are getting the share of the pie too.  Hiding secret messages or even a fortune reading inside a bath bomb can be quite exciting for those who love to end their day with something to rally their inner pep squad.

5. They can come in any shape you want

The original bath bombs come in the iconic orb shape but there are so many different ways to decorate them that once people got into the groove of making and using them, they started exploring the world of exciting shapes to add a little zest to a soothing self-care ritual. 

Shaping bath bombs into playful forms adds another layer of amusement. 

Some of the quirkiest way we’ve seen people mold their bath bombs are in the form of cupcakes, unicorn heads, donuts, shark heads, mermaid tails and even skulls. 

Another fun way to jazz up a bath bomb

From various scents, colors and shapes - the combinations are endless! A bath bomb knows that variety is the spice of life and with so many options to choose from, there is sure to be a different option that sparks your fancy every week. 

But did you know that ingredients are customizable too? Bath bombs can have a wide range of ingredients which may include some very special ones like the highly controversial CBD oil. If you’ve been wanting to try CBD but still on the fence, a CBD bath bomb is a fun and safe way to test the water (no pun!). 

If you’re looking for a fun take at a CBD bath bomb outside the typical lavenders and eucalyptuses, Tub Therapy CBD bath bombs are made with fun, playful scents that evoke special memories, travels, people and all other favorite things in your life (wine, anyone?). They make the perfect pick-me-up treats and gifts that promote calm, relaxation and a not-so-trippy trip to memory lane in the tub. Drop one of our effervescent delights and watch the magic happen!