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Bath Bomb 101: 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Bath Bomb 101: 10 Frequently Asked Questions - Tub Therapy

Ah, bath bomb. This explosive personal care product that oozes a fizzy charm helps us enjoy what can be quite a monotonous event - taking a bath. Over the last unrelenting years, bath time came to embody more than just a relaxing soak but a symbol of self-care for many of us who have reawakened the love affair with the tub as a reprieve from the stress of the ongoing global crisis and prolonged confinement. 

Bath bombs became so popular that these balls of bliss have become  one of the 8 most gifted items in Amazon. Despite its resurgence, not everyone has had the chance of soaking in a sudsy eye candy. And because bath bombs are not going anywhere, we’re here to answer the most commonly asked questions from those who are new to bath bombs. 


1. How do you use a bath bomb?

Bath bombs are fairly easy to use. The proper way to use a bath bomb is to drop it in the tub after it's been filled with water. First, run the hot water into your tub to a comfortable bath temperature. How hot will depend on your preference and comfort level but you want it somewhere between 90° F and 105°F. 

Next, unwrap the bath bomb, pop it in the tub, and enjoy the show! As the bath bomb fizzes in water,  it will begin to infuse your bath with its skin-healing ingredients. Then, the best part - immerse your naked self in the natural goodness of a bath bomb soak and go right into relaxation mode! Don’t forget to pop in your pain, worries, and doubts too!


2. Do you unwrap the plastic in a bath bomb?

If the bath bomb came in its protective plastic casing, you need to remove it before you toss it in the tub. The shrink wrap is meant to protect the bath bomb from moisture or humidity that will cause it to prematurely fizz before you even have a chance to experience it. 


3. How long should I stay in the tub?

Typically, 20-30 minutes should be plenty of time to get all the benefits of a bath bomb. We recommend an hour-long immersion from time to time but if you’re feeling uncomfortably hot, you should leave your tub to cool down. 


4. Can I use bath bombs daily?

Daily use is most likely not a concern however, as with all the good things in life - moderation is key! Everything in this world is only good when enjoyed in small doses like chocolates, wine and even bath bombs! So while it may be tempting to use bath bombs everyday, we like to enjoy a bath bomb bath at least 1-2 times a week. 


5. Do I need to shower after a bath bomb bath?

Showering after a bath bomb bath is optional. The oils from the bath bomb will leave your skin feeling supple but showering may remove this from your skin.  If you feel like rinsing especially if residues like glitter and petals are clinging on your skin, rinsing with plain water after you soak is typically enough. 


6. Do bath bombs expire?

While the everyday ingredients that are used to make bath bombs are natural preservatives in themselves, bath bombs can only last up to 12 months when stored correctly. We recommend not to let it sit around for more than 6 months or else you may find that the fizzing action becomes a little less explosive. Using a bath bomb within a month from purchase will have you experience the best results! 


7. Do bath bombs clean you?

Bath bombs contain skin softeners and emollients as well as cleansers that remove dirt and oil buildup from the surface of your skin. However, if you require a good scrubbing, we would recommend complementing your tub time with a natural bar of soap such as our most purchased Oatmeal Milk & Honey CBD Bath Soap. Featuring real ground oatmeal to safely slough off dead skin cells, this cold processed bath soap creates a cream lather for deep cleansing and moisturizing.

 For a proper scrub down, natural soap is the way to go: Tub Therapy Soaperstar CBD Soap in Oatmeal Milk & Honey, $16 each


8. Will it clog my plumbing?

Unfortunately, regular bath bomb use is bad news as it can wreak havoc on your plumbing. If you like to enjoy a bath bomb bath more regularly, have your drains cleared by a professional plumber from time to time. You can also help clear debris and oil that bath bombs have left inside the drains by pouring vinegar after a bath bomb bath then leave it inside the drain for several minutes before flushing it down with hot water. 


9. Can I reuse a bath bomb?

Bath bombs are typically intended for one time use because once you drop it in the water, it will start to dissolve. You may cut larger bath bombs in half and keep the other half for future use but the medium golf ball size is just right enough for single use. 


10. Will it stain my tub?

When a bath bomb breaks in water, it explodes into a colorful swirling, twirling and fizzing motion that can be very fascinating to watch. Normally, bath bombs do not stain the tubs however stains may sometimes occur especially with high concentration of colorants. Bath bombs may also leave remnants of oils and butters that stick to the bathtub, leaving a slippery surface. To clean a bath bomb mess, fill the bath with warm water and add a few tablespoons of dish detergent to dissolve the oils. You can leave to soak overnight then rinse in the morning to make it sparkling clean and safe for the next person to use. 

If you’d rather do a quick clean, you can add the mixture of water and dish detergent into a spray bottle, apply it to the area, leave it for 5-10 minutes then scrub the residue off with a brush. 


Lastly, what’s the best bath bomb to use?

There are so many options in the market that it can be hard to choose. Not all bath bombs are made the same so what works for another may not work for you. However, the main deciding factor should come down to its ingredients. It’s really what’s on the inside - what we submerge our bodies into - that makes a lot of difference. Make sure the bath bomb is talc-free and power-packed with natural ingredients that safely moisturizes and nourish your skin. 

If you’re looking to add a little boost to your self-care game, we’d recommend a CBD bath bomb - a luxurious take on traditional bath bombs! They’re infused with CBD or cannabidiol, a potent compound extracted from the cannabis plant that contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

The ultimate bath bomb? CBD-infused, hands down: Tub Therapy Soakshow CBD Bath Bomb in Vanilla Sandalwood, $15 each with free shipping


When applied on skin topically, CBD can help alleviate a myriad of skin issues such as dryness, acne, wrinkles, redness, and rashes. Infused with this skin superfood, CBD bath bombs are far superior and more expensive for this reason.  

Again, there is no one-size-fits-all so if you’re looking to try a CBD bath bomb, read this guide to know what to consider as you navigate the market.