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How to Tell If You Smell Bad & Hacks To Bust The Funk

How to Tell If You Smell Bad & Hacks To Bust The Funk

If people are keeping their distance or subtly covering their noses around you, you might start wondering if your personal aroma is offending their delicate sensibilities.

We've all been trained to think it's rude to tell someone they stink, so chances are no one has mentioned it to you. Plus, we easily go nose-blind to our own scent. Our noses can become desensitized to our unique bouquet, leaving us blissfully unaware of the olfactory assault we may be subjecting others to.

Body odor is one of those things that, much like taxes, is hard to avoid. But here's the good news: it’s a common issue that everyone deals with at some point. While it’s a natural part of being human, it can sometimes be embarrassing and uncomfortable. 

If you're worried you might be rocking some unwanted funk, stick around—we've got the lowdown on how to detect body odor and some handy tips to banish the stench and keep you smelling fresh as a daisy! And no, dousing yourself in cologne or perfume is not one of the answers (trust us, it only adds another layer to the stench). 

How to Tell if You Smell Bad

1. Direct Sniff Test

The quickest way to know if you have body odor is to do a direct sniff test. If you can smell yourself even a little, remember that others can smell you a lot more. So if you've ever caught a whiff of something less than pleasant emanating from your armpits, feet, or any other nooks and crannies, chances are what seems like a faint smell to you can be quite noticeable to those nearby. 

2. Clothing Check

Try smelling your clothes! After you've been sweating, give your shirt, socks, or any other garment a sniff, especially in areas prone to odor like your underarms, feet, and groin. If your clothes smell bad after a short time, it's a good indicator that you have body odor.

You can also try this: take clothes you've worn all day, seal them in a trash bag, and give them a sniff the next day. This little trick can help you detect any lingering odors more clearly.

3. Ask Someone

The easiest way to find out? Just ask! Turn to someone you trust and feel totally chill with, like your ride-or-die bestie, your mom (because let's be real, moms always keep it real), or even your mini-me. Kids are like truth-telling machines, so they won't hold back if you're giving off some funky vibes. No kiddos in sight? No problem! Hit up your pint-sized nephews and nieces for their unfiltered opinion.

How to Get Rid of Body Odor

Regular, Proper Bathing

Let's start with the basics: hygiene. It may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people underestimate the power of a good scrubbing. 

Regular bathing with an all-natural soap can work wonders in keeping those pesky bacteria at bay. And trust me, bacteria are like party crashers at a particularly raucous soirée - once they get in, they're hard to get rid of.

But let's face it, not all soaps are created equal. You want to go for the good stuff—the kind of soap that doesn't just cover up odors but sends them packing to the depths of oblivion. Look for ingredients that mean business, like tea tree oil with its antimicrobial magic, or activated charcoal, ready to soak up toxins and impurities like a sponge.

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Of course, good hygiene goes beyond just lathering up in the shower. The next essential keyword after bathing? "Proper” as in proper bathing. So, don't just hop in and out of the shower. Take the time to soap up every inch of your body, wash your hair, and don't forget to scrub away those dead skin cells every now and then. It's all about giving yourself the full treatment! 

Don’t Skip The Post-Bathing Ritual

After a refreshing shower, don't just towel off and dash out like you're escaping a crime scene! Here's another nifty little hack: Seal the deal with a scented lotion! Once you're all dried off, lock in that moisture and scent by slathering on some luxurious lotion. Bonus points if you match the scent to your soap or body wash. So if you've been lathering up with Cherry Blossom soap, top it off with some Cherry Blossom lotion for an extra burst of floral goodness. 

By layering the same scent with both soap and lotion, you're essentially doubling down on the fragrance. This layering effect can help intensify the smell and make it last longer, providing extended odor protection. 

Unlike dousing yourself in perfume, which can sometimes be overpowering and leave people wondering if you just stepped out of a fragrance cloud, a scented lotion blends seamlessly with your natural body odor and absorbs into the skin, ensuring the fragrance lasts longer and doesn't overwhelm the senses like dousing yourself in perfume might, creating a more harmonious and longer-lasting fragrance experience.

Also, consider shaving your armpits. This helps reduce the surface area where bacteria can thrive, resulting in less body odor. Then, don't skimp on the deodorant. Opt for a natural deodorant that eschews the harsh chemicals found in traditional antiperspirants, and you'll be smelling like a field of wildflowers in no time.


Pay Attention To Your Diet

Watch what you eat. Foods like garlic, onions, and spicy dishes can amp up your body odor. No need to ditch them entirely, but a little moderation can go a long way in keeping you smelling sweet. Try eating more chlorophyll-rich foods, like raw spinach, to help deodorize from the inside out. It's like giving your body a natural air freshener!

Also, drink up! Staying hydrated keeps your body in tip-top shape and helps dilute those odor-causing compounds in your sweat. 


Change Clothes 

Don't be a sweat collector. Change your clothes often, especially after workouts or any sweaty activities. Fresh clothes, fresh you! 

And also, don't underestimate the power of good old-fashioned airflow. Let those pits breathe, people! Tight-fitting clothes can trap sweat and bacteria, creating the perfect breeding ground for odor-causing microbes. So, embrace the loose-fitting fabrics and let your skin breathe freely.


Wash Clothes Properly

When it's time to wash your clothes, use a good-quality detergent and wash them in warm water to help kill bacteria and remove sweat and odor. And here's a pro tip: add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle to help eliminate lingering odors and keep your clothes smelling fresh. 

Once your laundry is done, make sure to dry your clothes properly to prevent mildew and musty smells. Avoid leaving them sitting in the washer for too long—transfer them to the dryer promptly or hang them up to air dry. If you're using a dryer, add a dryer sheet or a few drops of essential oil to infuse your clothes with a pleasant scent.


Stress Less, Stink Less

Feeling anxious? Don't sweat it—well, actually, maybe you do. Stress can turn up the stink factor in your sweat!

Finding ways to manage stress can work wonders for your odor situation. Whether it's unwinding with a soothing bath, practicing mindfulness meditation, or just taking a few deep breaths, giving stress the boot can help keep your sweat smelling more like roses and less like... well, you know.

And speaking of baths, why not take it up a notch with a CBD bath bomb for the ultimate relaxation? It's like a spa day in the comfort of your own home—talk about stress relief!

So, whether you're downward-dogging in yoga class or indulging in a luxurious CBD-infused bath, finding ways to unwind and destress can help keep body odor at bay and leave you feeling fresh and fabulous.


Tidy Up Your Turf

Remember, it's not just your body that can harbor odors—your environment plays a role too. So, take some time to clean up your surroundings and banish any lingering smells.

And here's a cautionary tale: We once knew a guy who lived with mothballs in his entire home. Every time he stepped out, he ended up smelling like mothballs himself! Moral of the story? Don't just keep your environment clean but make your space smell like a dream, folks!

Our verdict?

Remember: if people are avoiding you like you're the plague or doing the classic nose-touching maneuver, it's time for the sniff test or to ask that brutally honest doting daughter/son if you've hit stink-town.

Tackling body odor might feel like cracking a case, but armed with regular, proper bathing and other funky-fighting hacks, you're equipped to sleuth out any unwelcome scents and kick them to the curb.

From mastering laundry day to harnessing the power of scent-matching, you've got the tools to keep the funk at bay and embrace freshness with open arms. So go forth, banish the funk, and let your confidence do the talking – because smelling fresh is always a winning conclusion!

If nothing seems to do the trick, a visit to your doctor might be in order. Persistent body odor could signal an underlying issue that needs addressing. After all, feeling fresh is essential for peace of mind. You don't want to constantly worry if others are catching a whiff without saying anything. Remember, anxiety and stress can also exacerbate body odor, so it's essential to tackle both physical and mental well-being.