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Sizing Up Your Soak: Choose The Best Bath Bomb Size

Sizing Up Your Soak: Choose The Best Bath Bomb Size

Ever noticed how everything in America seems to come in larger-than-life proportions... except for the bathtub? While the USA boasts colossal burgers, towering skyscrapers, and larger-than-life servings, our standard tubs remain relatively modest. Measuring in at around 60 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 14 to 16 inches high, they can hold a respectable 40 to 60 gallons of water.

Now, let's hop across the pond to Europe, where the standard tub is a bit deeper at 18 inches. And if you're feeling extra indulgent, you might encounter a Japanese (or Greek) style tub, boasting depths of 22 inches or more – perfect for a full-body soak.

So, why does this matter? Well, if you're someone who loves indulging in bath bombs like we do, the size of your tub can sometimes influence your bath bomb preferences, especially in terms of size. While it's not a make-or-break factor, it can certainly impact the overall experience. 


Bath bomb size moulds for comparison from Candles & Supplies


Beyond the size of your tub, selecting the right bath bomb size boils down to personal preference. It might stem from unique bath bomb rituals (shoutout to those who slice their bombs in half!) or a desire for extra oils and butter to envelop you. There's no one-size-fits-all solution.

In this blog, we'll introduce you to the various bath bomb sizes, explore their purposes, and help you determine which one suits you best. Let's discover the perfect bath bomb size for both you and your tub!

The Different Bath Bomb Sizes

Mini Bath Bombs

Weight: 2 oz 

Diameter: Typically about 1.5" in diameter about the size of a golf ball

  • What they are: First up, we have the minis – these little dynamos pack a punch in a pint-sized package. Perfect for those who like their baths with just a hint of pizzazz, minis are like the espresso shots of the bath bomb world. 
  • The Pros: You can mix and match to create your own customized blend of bathtime bliss! Plus, mini bath bombs often come in packs, so if you find that one isn't quite enough to satisfy your fizzy cravings, you'll have a handful of extra balls at the ready to toss into the tub.
  • The Cons: While mini bath bombs have their charms, let's face it – their biggest drawback is right there in the size: they're mini. And unfortunately, being small means they may not pack the same punch as their larger counterparts. They could potentially lack the abundance of skin-friendly oils that make bath bombs so beneficial, or the generous dose of Epsom salt that helps to loosen tight knots and soothe tired muscles.

Sure, you could toss in more than one mini bomb to compensate for their diminutive size. But why go through the hassle when you can simply drop in a single, larger bomb and let it work its magic? After all, the whole point of a bath bomb is to enhance your relaxation, not to turn your bath into a game of "how many minis can I fit in the tub?"

  • Ideal for: Mini bath bombs are perfect for little children and those with smaller tubs. They're also ideal if you're looking for a foot soak or if you want to enjoy a relaxing soak without completely filling your tub with water.

Standard Sized Bath Bombs

Weight: 4.5 oz or 5 oz

Diameter:  Typically about 2.5" in diameter about the size of a tennis ball

  • What they are: Ah, the trusty tennis ball-sized bombs – they're the OGs of the bath bomb scene. At around 4.5 ounces, they're the Goldilocks of bath bombs – not too big, not too small, just right. 
  • The Pros: These regular-sized bombs provide a satisfying fizz and fragrance without being too extravagant. They strike a balance between efficacy and affordability, making them a popular choice for everyday indulgence and gifting. Whether it's a birthday bash, a thank-you treat, or a holiday surprise, a standard-sized bath bomb hits the sweet spot every time. And let's not forget their magical ability to slide snugly into Christmas stockings!
  • The Cons: While standard-sized bath bombs have their appeal, they also come with their share of drawbacks. Similar to their mini counterparts, they might leave you wanting more, especially if you're craving a long, luxurious soak. The limited size of a standard bath bomb means there's only so much room for skin-friendly oils, emollients, and Epsom salt.
As a result, if you're yearning for an indulgent treat and hoping to spend ample time luxuriating in the tub, a standard-sized bomb might leave you feeling underwhelmed. It's like bringing a teaspoon to a soup buffet – you'll get a taste, but it's not quite the full experience you were hoping for.

  • Ideal for: Perfect for those who appreciate a quick dip but still want to enjoy the benefits of a bath. If you're someone who gets easily bored or tends to spend only 10 to 15 minutes in the tub, this size is just right. Additionally, if you have a smaller tub than the typical American standard and desire a more indulgent soak, standard-sized bath bombs provide the perfect balance of fragrance and fizz without overwhelming your bathing experience.

Large Bath Bombs

Weight: 7oz

Diameter: 2.75 inches in diameter about the size of a baseball

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  • What they are: For those who believe in the motto "go big or go home," the 7-ounce bombs are where it's at. 
  • The Pros: With a generous size about the size of a baseball and a hefty dose of skin-loving ingredients, they're guaranteed to take your bath time to the next level of relaxation. With its ample size, a 7 oz bath bomb provides more space for these beneficial ingredients, ensuring you get the most out of your soak. Think about it: for the cost of a $15 single bath bomb, you can stretch your soak time to a glorious 30 minutes. That's like $0.50 cost per minute! 

    • The Cons: The only downside to a 7 oz bath bomb is that it can get a bit pricey. With its larger size comes more ingredients, including larger doses of expensive ingredients like essential oils and CBD extract. Using it just once might feel like quite the splurge.
    • Ideal for: Large bath bombs are the best choice for standard American tubs if you're aiming to maximize relaxation with each soak. This isn’t for those looking for a quick dip – it's the ultimate companion for bath enthusiasts craving extended soak sessions and eager to fully experience the benefits of a luxurious bath.
    If you're craving a truly indulgent soak – whether it's been a tough week and your muscles are wound tight, or you're simply in dire need of some stress relief and self-care behind a closed door – the 7 oz bomb is your ticket to a more lavish bathing experience.

    Extra Large Bath Bombs

    Weight: 8 oz and above

    Diameter: 3.5 inches in diameter

    • What they are: These bombs typically exceed the usual weight range of standard and large bath bombs, often tipping the scales at 8 ounces or more. Extra large bath bombs are typically novelty items, known for their extravagant size and the occasional inclusion of surprises inside, such as rings or toys.
    • The Pros: Their larger-than-life dimensions make them stand out, and the element of surprise adds an extra layer of excitement to the bath time experience.
    • The Cons: Extra large bath bombs have a knack for leaving behind a greasy residue once the water drains away. And when confined to the close quarters of a small tub, that residue can turn your once-serene sanctuary into a slippery obstacle course. The sheer volume of oils released by these bombs may overwhelm your tub's capacity, leading to a slick residue that's more suited for slip 'n slide than a relaxing soak.
    • Ideal for: Extra large bath bombs are perfect companions for oversized tubs, measuring over 70 inches long and boasting a soaking depth of 16 inches or more. But most importantly, they're a must-have for anyone eager to infuse their bath time with excitement and thrills! There's something undeniably indulgent about dropping a massive bomb into your tub and watching it fizz and froth like a miniature volcano. Plus points if the bath comes with a surprise inside! 

    Fun-Shaped Bath Bombs

    Weight and Dimensions: Varies depending on the design

    • What they are: Not all bath bombs come in spherical shapes but in a myriad of other fun shapes and whimsical designs like cupcake bath bombs, stars, hearts, and even unicorns. 
    • The Pros: These bath bombs offer a unique twist on the classic round shape, making them the perfect giveaway. The diverse range of bath bomb shape choices offers fantastic opportunities for tailored gifts that cater to individual preferences or seasonal occasions. For instance, if you're celebrating Galentine's Day with your besties, heart-shaped bath bombs would make the perfect gifts. Plus, if you're planning to keep them in your bathroom to display, rest assured they'll stay in place and won't roll away!
    • The Cons: The intricate designs of fun-shaped bath bombs may limit the amount of space available for skin-nourishing ingredients, potentially reducing their effectiveness compared to larger, round bath bombs.
    • Ideal for: Fun-shaped bath bombs are often a hit with kids, featuring playful designs such as sharks, waffles, unicorns, and donuts. These whimsical shapes also make them perfect for seasonal giveaways. For instance, at a holiday event, you might want to delight guests with festive shapes like reindeer-shaped bath bombs.

    Our verdict: 

    While America may supersize everything except for tubs, the silver lining is that you have the freedom to choose a bath bomb size that fits your mood perfectly, regardless of your tub's dimensions. The 4.5 oz bath bomb is perfect for quick refreshes, providing just the right amount of fizz and fragrance to invigorate your senses. Meanwhile, opting for the larger 7 oz bath bomb ensures ample indulgence during longer dips, enveloping you in a cloud of relaxation and bliss. And for those moments when you're feeling a bit extra, why not go all out with an extra-large bomb? Ultimately, the perfect bath bomb size is entirely up to you! After all, when it comes to relaxation, there's no such thing as one size fits all!