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The Best Bath Bomb for Lavender Lovers

Tub Therapy | The best lavender CBD bath bomb fizzing in water, turning it into a soft purple color with real lavender buds floating on the surface.

Are you positively infatuated with lavender? Don't worry, you're in good company. Lavender isn't just a trend—it's practically the world’s most popular essential oil. Renowned for its calming and soothing properties, lavender has been a cornerstone of aromatherapy for centuries. Its gentle aroma promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and improves sleep quality. Whether you're unwinding after a hectic day or preparing for a peaceful night's rest, lavender's therapeutic benefits make it a beloved choice for those seeking tranquility and rejuvenation.

Imagine infusing these benefits into a luxurious bath experience—a perfect union of relaxation and skincare indulgence! If you're among the legions who can't resist the allure of this fragrant purple powerhouse, brace yourself for a CBD bath bomb designed especially for lavender lovers like you.

What Makes Lavender So Popular?

Lavender has captivated hearts for centuries, and its popularity endures for several reasons. Firstly, its aroma is renowned for promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety—a natural remedy for stress relief. Additionally, lavender's versatility extends beyond its fragrance; it boasts skincare benefits, soothing irritation and enhancing skin health. Its delicate purple hue adds a touch of elegance, transforming any space into a sanctuary of calm and tranquility.

Why Lavender in Your Bath, You Ask?

Imagine slipping into a warm tub infused with lavender, it's like cocooning yourself in a bubble of tranquility. The steam gently releases lavender's essential oils, melting away tension and coaxing your mind into serene silence. As the fragrant molecules swirl around, they create an ambiance that invites deep relaxation and blissful escape. 

Lavender's antibacterial properties add a soothing touch to irritated skin, promoting a healthy glow. This isn't just a bath—it's a lavish ceremony of self-care and indulgence, where every soak is a step closer to pure, pampered perfection.

The Best Bath Bomb for Lavender Lovers

When we set out to create the perfect lavender bath bomb, we aimed for a hue that embodies the essence of lavender fields, and an aroma that evokes a sense of tranquility without overwhelming your senses. Naturally, we infused it with just the right dose of CBD for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Designed with lavender lovers in mind, our oversized bath bomb—now a lavish 7 oz—is brimming with premium CBD extract and moisturizers to turn your bath into a blissful purple sanctuary. Plus, we couldn't resist sprinkling in those delightful lavender bits that dance around you, dialing up the tranquility to eleven.

Lavender luxury: Tub Therapy Soakshow CBD Bath Bomb in Sweet Lavender, $15 each with free shipping

10 Reasons Why You’re Going To Love Our Soakshow CBD Bath Bomb in Sweet Lavender 

Let's talk about why this bath bomb stands out. Here are 10  reasons why you'll want to indulge in a purple soak with our Sweet Lavender CBD bath bomb.

1. Non-staining purple perfection

It paints your water with the most divine shade of purple without leaving a trace behind. Bid farewell to scrubbing after each soak—this lavender bath bomb keeps your tub pristine, so you can relax worry-free in your purple paradise.

2. Real lavender bits

As our bath bomb dissolves, it releases these adorable lavender bits that dot your bathwater, transforming your soak into a whimsical lavender-infused adventure. It's that extra touch that wows lavender lovers and adds a splash of delightful surprise.

3. Extra-moisturizing

Packed with natural goodies like cocoa butter, full-spectrum CBD, and olive fruit oil, our bath bomb leaves your skin feeling buttery soft and smooth, turning your bathtub into your personal spa oasis.

4. 7 oz large size

Go big or go home! Our oversized bath bomb packs a lavish dose of these luxurious ingredients into every soak, ensuring you have plenty of the good stuff to maximize your relaxation time.

5. Full spectrum CBD extract

Think of it as the champagne of CBD. This bath bomb contains full spectrum CBD for its superior benefits, helping you unwind and rejuvenate with every bath. The blend of full spectrum CBD, sourced from organic, pesticide-free hemp, works wonders with your skin's endocannabinoid system. It helps soothe inflammation, promote hydration, and might even assist with skin conditions like acne and eczema.

6. The best fizz

We take our fizz seriously! Named "Soakshow" for good reason—it puts on a dazzling display! Watch as our bath bomb unleashes a spectacular and invigorating fizz, creating an impressive soak show right in your tub.

7. Gentle aroma

The scent of lavender in our bath bomb is subtle yet captivating, leaving a delicate trail of relaxation in your bathroom without overwhelming your senses.

8. Handmade with love

Crafted in small batches by hand, each bath bomb is infused with care and attention to detail, ensuring you receive the highest quality product for your self-care routine.

9. Free shipping on all orders

That's right—you read that correctly. Enjoy the convenience of complimentary shipping with every purchase. Treat yourself to our bath bomb for just $15 and indulge in the luxury of lavender-infused relaxation without any added shipping expenses. Plus, sign up for our newsletter and receive an extra 15% off your first order. It's a win-win situation for your relaxation and your wallet!

10. Award-winning

This big bad girl just snagged the crown! Honored as the Best CBD Bath Bomb and Skincare Company in the Southeast USA at the Commercial Cannabis Awards, our bath bomb isn't just luxurious—it's certified fabulous by industry experts.

Bonus Reason: It's the perfect gift! 

Giving lavender says more than words— it's a gesture of purity and virtue. Lavender symbolizes peace, so gifting anything lavender can also convey a wish for inner calm and serenity. With a lavender CBD bath bomb as a thoughtful gift, you're not just delivering the bliss of lavender but the indulgence of a soothing self-care soak.

Our verdict?

There you have it, lavender lovers! The ultimate lavender bath bomb is just a click away, with free shipping included. Treat yourself to our luxurious Sweet Lavender CBD Bath Bomb—formulated with premium CBD extract and moisturizing goodness. From its calming fragrance to the delightful swirl of lavender bits, each soak guarantees relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether you're unwinding after a hectic day or creating a spa-like retreat at home, our bath bomb brings spa-quality luxury right to your tub. Embrace the soothing blend of lavender and CBD, and transform your bath into a ritual of pure self-care. 

And if you're looking to explore beyond lavender, we offer a variety of other captivating options. Visit our collection of CBD bath bombs to discover more delightful ways to pamper yourself. Because when it comes to indulgence, we've got something for everyone.